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  • Wednesday 5th June 2013


Any online search for strange amusement parks will get you a list that includes Dickens World. That alone is one damn good reason to check out this place that is dedicated to the life of England's finest fictional writer. Located at Chatham Dockyard in Kent, England in a unit surrounded by retail food outlet, yes! correct; you sure won't go hungry with Nandos, Subway and Pizza Hut as neighbouring partners.

Moving away from food and coming back to Dickens World, you are advised to book tickets online 24 hours in advance. Having booked a one o'clock slot we still had to wait fifteen minutes before our tour started. Walking up the stairs with a guy on a wakie-talkie who was more interested in having a light bulb replaced than setting an atmosphere of what would lay ahead for us was not the best of starts and definitely lacked professionalism.

Once inside we were greeted by the great man himself, well a tailor dummy with a voice-over who greeted us to his attraction before our guide took over. The next ninety minutes she takes us though various sets explaining along the history of early Victorian/Dickensian life. Our tour guide was brilliant and created an atmosphere that did keep us interested for most parts. Without her the sets and waxworks figures would not have entertained us more than a few minutes.  She also interacts really well with the tour participants and even chooses a few to volunteer and help out with some scenes.

There is a short 2D movie at the beginning of the tour that's both informative and hilarious. It does have water and wind affect. Hooray!!
The class room part of the tour was rather good. The mirror and light trick by our guide provided a brief wow moment. For the 2013 season there is no boat ride, instead we got to walk through the trough the boat would have passed through. The boat ride may return next year however this has not been decided yet.

Dickens World is not an amusement park but I would say its a Interactive walk-through Museum dedicated to the life of Charles Dickens. The potential is there of becoming great with some more attractions added. Maybe more actors to lesson the burden of the soul tour guide who tries her utmost to keep us entertained.

Some positives to finish off with. The attraction is minutes from the M25 making it easily accessible. Being in a retail park there is loads of free parking available. The flat fee of £5.50 provides a cheap family day out.

I wouldn't recommend it if your coming from far out but if your in the area then it's a great way to spend a few hours. 

Dickens World surrounded by food outlets. 


 Main foyer

a full size tailor dummy of Dickens 

Our tour guide in-front of a replica abandoned ship were the poor were housed.

A rather neat set.

The main courtyard. Having that coffee machine in the background sure helps bring the Victorian time to life. 

The local grocery store.

Store keeper


The classroom

Yippeeee, trips to Alton Towers in Victorian times.
I wonder if the had an ers on Nemesis.

A line of foreign students waiting to go into the classroom section.


 Britannia Theatre that holds special events.
Gift shop 


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